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Namastu. Welcome to Atlantis Awakes Publications - the source of the most accurate and up-to-date truth. Learn about "our-story", which goes beyond history (his-story), beyond "the beginning", beyond the man-made construct called "time", and beyond the realm of matter. We welcome you on this Kosmic journey, back to the Origin, back to the Source, discussing the pre-his-storic and primitive (primeval/original) cultures on Tiwawat, also known as Tiamat, Ki, Gaia, Tamare, Ard, Eridu, and Earth, as well as the creation of the galaxies, universes, solar systems and beyond. In this divine journey, we will show you how to raise your vibrational frequency in all aspects, break down all mental confinements, allowing all ignorance to flee, through an ancient spiritual science called Nuwabu.

Nuwabu simply means "Sound, Right Reasoning", which turns into Right knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Overstanding. If one has to believe, it means one does not know, hence belief is ignorance, which means to ignore the facts intentionally or ignorantly. a person can believe anything, but to have knowledge is to know. knowledge is correct' it is right and exact. We teach people to know, not believe. We teach people how to think, not what to think. "knowing" gives one confidence, while belief brings about doubt. knowledge is always logical and reasons out. We will aid you to break down all mental confinements, allowing ignorance to flee, and the Universal science Nuwabu, facts beyond any doubt, will become the keeper of your mind. 

Senu na bamul?

We teach the intergalactic language of tones, as well as other ancient languages.  We give lessons on health, by the way of the alkaline diet and naturopathic remedies. Furthermore, we promote good habits for your body such as meditation, and connecting back with Natural Nature and back to the source. We also put out survival tips such as getting your own land and cultivating it, growing your own food, living off the grid, and getting yourself out of the Matrix, the system, Babylon, etc. Ultimately our goal is to lead you back to Divine Love for yourself and everything around you.


We produce content daily, which includes news articles, blog posts, photos, videos, academic journals and theories from throughout the world, universe, and multiverse.


In the present day, it is very difficult to find true, precise, authentic information and outformation. Our founders began this organization to bring to the surface the truth and the reality of the true nature of this realm and beyond this realm we live in. Combining science, logic, reason, spirituality and plain common sense we hope to awaken the Atlantis within you. There is not much time left. Atlantis Awakes is here to open your mind's eye, raise vibrations and guide you back to the stars. 



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