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atlan a-sahurlen saTunif Aduwuf

Tired of distracting advertisements, negative energies, and truth censorship from "mainstream" social media sites? Want to connect and build with like-minded individuals across the world? Need a safe space where people from all backgrounds can come together to learn and elevate their consciousness? 

You've come to the right place...

We finally have our own social media platform with the Atlantis Awakes Exclusive Membership. We provide a safe space for members to elevate their mind while building a community. Signing up for the social media site is completely FREE. Library Plan Members will have access to a vast online library containing hundreds of scrolls, books, documents, and scriptures, with more content added weekly. We will also be hosting weekly classes for Language Plan members, so you can learn ancient languages such as Nuwaubic (Cuneiform), Ashuric/Syriac, Aramic Hebrew, Paleo Hebrew, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and more. We also have, coming soon, our Multiversity Plan which we will teach members alchemical secrets and mysteries, teaching you how to become master alchemists yourselves. Membership details are outlined below. 


Members now get exclusive access to Atlantis Awakes TRUTHTUBE - our own version of YouTube featuring only truth and fact beyond any doubt, from channels such as UNNMTV and Right Knowledge Media.

Both free and pay-per-view livestreams will also be available for members. 


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